EMOTIONAL ATTATCHMENTS - a short prose on emotional attatchment

The Spiritual in coats suit themselves in cooperate formalities by calling me lukewarm as if I look in awe at worms. For the guys that understand what “to behold her” means, beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder. Just like a bookworm gazes into his books, I unconsciously book time to look not at the book of Luke but at amazing features featured in the mind of the creator when He carved Eve out of that masculine bone similar to that of mine. Amazing how I smile when I gaze from a mile; a reality in trance form as the smile in this mile is transformed into laughter as though she’s Mrs. Bones; after all, even Eve was carved from Mr. Bones.


It starts with a hi as connections step high. A chit-chat is intended but I call it cheat-chart; I’m the guy with a title called admirer, I put a direction to the way I admire her so as not to get what is known as direct shun. I contact this girl whom I’ve got a tie to, knowing her reception doesn’t mean she’s got a tie too. I start enduring this unique position as I absorb her endearing disposition which curtails the tale of detailed reality; the single’s age of sexuality mingled with friendship’s stage of familiarity. Call it infatuations in equations of love; punctured voids in my heart through punctuations of emotions. How could I rest, when under arrest; love is the police that makes me plead,”please”,yet, this plea is silent, night after night as though I await Christmas.

The cheat-chart’s out of plan; unexplainable feelings. My heart door is open till I think she’s into me. A boo thick of love that drives me to the boutique, hoping my purchase isn’t a poor chase. Time thickens the strings plucked by chit-chat, cheat-chart for vibes until the uncertain is certain. Sometimes, it’s that way but in this case it’s not; the uncertain look in her eyes chills me into ice to be careful not to inherit the tag of the care-fool. Cheat-chart is no more, only despair fuels desperation. To ado about nothing, I ain’t desperado; a fearful thought taught of circumstance at a time I was restrained to take one step at a time. Oh! What if I’m booed off by my boo. My proposed proposal is in detention by the tension. She’s been the tender bae I call teddy bear. The thought of her gone is more than shots of guns, to bear shivering freight though not a polar bear.

I swim in the sea of Fanta as I drink fantasies to wander into wonder because of a girl. This knee wants to buckle not to attend to my shoes but for something more than Disney. Thinking she’ll be cool with me not because I got fans nor because she’s hot; a land of dreams where no one gets hurt. I play her guitar with no mind to jilt her till she strikes my chords into broken melodies. This one sided attraction gives her the upper hand, so she got the upper cut of this package of love which lands me in the sphere of pathetic brutality. She says we’re just friends while I wanted something more. The quest’s on already, how to stop is the question; getting her off my mind battles against my mind. Maybe what I can do is make my heart a candle; burn out or fade out. I tried to pull away but only burned out; the only way it fades out is when there’s a certain knowledge of things never working out. Fading of love takes time; it is slow and steady.

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  1. Funny but true writeup on emotional attachment : thumbs up mhen