IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH - the church and grace series

I can't walk in darkness
'Coz I got my progress
In the light of the fullness
Of God's work of righteousness

This is the hour
To hail the power
Of God's awesome shower
In His very tower

Faith is my shield
When on the battle field;
By grace it makes me yield
To God's word that I wield

My increase of knowledge
Really strengthens my pledge
Not to break the edge
But stand as a wedge

Who dares close this door
Of this peaceful store
To create room for war
That makes life sore

The giver of peace
Is the author of ease
All power is His;
Let Him do as He'll please

Can't comprehend
My expected end;
The Beginning and the end
Knows all as my friend

I live a life of profit
Through the Holy Spirit;
Works sway my feet
Faith achieves great feit

The path I've chosen
Cannot get me broken;
I'm baked in the oven
Where God's love is woven

Despite times we live in
God is still loving,
So I'll keep believing
This God that's ever living

I keep on hoping
Without even moping;
God's word's where my hope's in
His Spirit keeps me coping.

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