THE VISIT HORSE - visitors/suitors that suit us; emotion and feeling series at kleezypen.com

Many visitors come to visit us but only one is the visit-horse,
To carry her away through a way I don’t know if to call her way;
He surrenders his back to back his home in order to come back,
Having her at his back, vowing to always watch her back.

girl on horse
THE VISIT HORSE - suitors that suit us; emotion and feeling series at kleezypen.com

Whether they put on suits or not, she can’t suit all the suitors that suit us;
It’s not about “some won” since someone has to be the best.
As God’s the supervisor that can successfully supervise all,
Let love be the lecturer that will lecture her.

The metaphor you met her for was ordained to be for what’s before;
Her robe to be knit needs to be neat for her not to be beneath
This is a motion speech of emotion struggling in a slow motion of static emulsion
Girl of my dream getting off the rim of my dream to put off my dream;

Why try to grate her with a grater that’s greater than her,
When God did not make her for you to make her fall;
Her response ability is not necessarily your responsibility,
Fear of the star-thick response that makes love static;

What if she could take a loan alone just for you to leave her alone;
This side of fear that makes you decide in an unfair sphere
To get on through to her through ways untrue,
Forgetting an unseen eye through heaven’s youtube watches you too

To evaluate your love with a U-tube meant just for you.
The complexity of love makes perplexity revolve when uncertain fear’s involved
To make certain hope revolve around a faith that evolves.

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