APOSTASY - (2 PETER 2: 20 - 22); the slow fade from casting crowns

Lost souls solely need the soles of the Godsent to be found,
They were called epistles but now bygones by guns,
Bullets from pistols; the souls the bull ate,
I wonder how those who won are now buried in lust;
Oh! They wander off in fantasies of tingling scars,
Mingled with the fun thesis of the twinkling stars,
Hovering over the physically seen in sin's scene,
To call over lust; the physiqued ally unseen


Turning away from sin, yes! That was the decision,
But now, the scene of war has made it a cession,
They call it grace to grass; apostle to apostate,
Strangled in lust's rope, all now seen is lost hope,
It's not over till it's over; God's grace still calls for them,
God waits at the gates; come back home is His anthem,
They call it blasphemy; when death holds firm;
Tune to the radio of grace which is the ''Hope For All'' FM

The dog back to its vomit got no gain from it,
Being alive is hope's signal; key in to the stereo of faith,
You can never go further than saying sorry to the father,
No matter how far, still close to you is the Alpha,
Meagre diets for prodigal sons till they return to Omega,
Who blots out sins from the beginning to the end,
Until unseen in past scenes; a purpose why He's manifested,
Changing man infested poor pose to restore the souls interested

Hosea fourteen four told me God heals apostasy,
They may be hot for hell but God's grace got cooling AC's,
Talking the Air Conditioned for them to breathe God's love,
We live in a world where men murder souls with words,
Where to judge is more important than knowing who George is,
She was caught in adultery but hear the words of life's adored tree;
Go and sin no more; in grace's scene you'll know more,
The once in faith got bad fate except they humbly return.

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