BALLING THE GOSPEL - poetic gospel from samkleezy; part two (02)

We were on the Lord's side till we went off side,
It should have been a red card but God's mercy said y'hellow,
Dribbled by the devil, we lost to the evil,
Injury time by law till grace called it extra time

To kick-off the penalty scene, we're balling the gospel,
Our goal is from truth's corner; in short aiming the net seen,
To restore those underneath; those in the net of sin,
Through the throw-in of grace that makes one over the bars of sin

Jesus paid the price; that's why it's a fixed match,
He is the mid-feeder that feeds us with love connections,
Connections not to God fathers but to God the father,
A God, made Abba Father and not Aba made father

Circumstance may tackle but just press on to the mark,
That whistle is for foul but you're no more chick to chicken out,
They come and tail tours as high pitched commentators,
They don't mind money tours to monitor us on monitors

Grace is my defender against the evil offender,
This grace teaches me to be a keeper of God's word,
Not to continue in sin for God forbids it's scene,
Though this grace abounds the more, it is disgrace to root in sin

Let us leave out the sin life and live out the God life,
Obedience through the Spirit unveils this God and good life,
Would have been a goner if not for God's Arsenal,
Which made me head and not tail; Yes! I ain't a back man.

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