HUNGER FOR SEX- Emotional constipation through emotional rush; part nine (09) - kleezypen

She rushes him like stomach cake; didn't expect stomach ache,
He sees her as icing; can't just push his eyes in,
Emotional constipation through emotional rush,
An Eros pressured weight; right time pleasure's worth the wait

hungry woman eating cake
HUNGER FOR SEX- Emotional constipation through emotional rush; part nine (09) - kleezypen

Every saint got a past; every sinner got a future,
The past matters not; 'cos the present founds the future,
Waiting until marriage is part of the few chores,
Don't awake love before time; wait to apply the thyme spice

Open secrets of the past; talking the Errors of Eros,
He can't neglect the defect; the world spread its word,
she can't deflect the effect; what she smells is ''the world knows'',
So she aims her shame; his self-blame makes him to be lame

Partners admire virginity; God admires chastity,
They book Romance in marriage; God books to speak through Romans, 
She loves herself chased while God loves her chaste,
He enjoys to be worshipped while
God will have him worship

Sometimes, the path the Miss takes are the paths of mistakes,
She sees herself as mischief but he sees her as Chief Miss,
He sometimes fails to man up and makes her list one man down;
He sees himself as Mr. Man while she feels she missed her man

Infatuation handled lamely crushes emotions,
Mistakes purchasing crutches to support Eros' motion,
In fact stations of lust that lose motion in emulsion,
Frictions without lotion, the guilt's in slow motion

To walk the moral path, don't part with your morale,
Forget the past mistakes and the failures you've run past,
Having the best future is doing the best at present,
Chase the future being chaste; a packaged present for tomorrow.

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