HUNGER FOR SEX - the socialization; part two (02) - kleezypen

Driving force for every bond; the survival response act,
You don't need to be James Bond to crave emotional contact,
Emotional isolation traumatizes lots of humans,
The brain codes it as danger either for man or woman

guy and girl discussing
HUNGER FOR SEX - the socialization; part two (02)

Physical isolation can cause emotion's isolation,
So stop severing males from relating with females,
Pure friendship with opposite sex can stabilize emotions,
But religion sometimes bottles us into unwanted regions

From the mouth of a friendly guy, the word pops,''Hola'',
To note is the notice; you are now miss popular,
The compliments from guys because of your unique physique,
You enjoy the attention which when absent can cause a tension

A very normal guy, your chemistry loves attention,
Getting socially special, so specially social,
Your charisma with efizzy makes her blush like she's dizzy,
Emotional connections attached to your love for affection

Starving yourself of food naturally gets you hungrier,
The thing is that this hunger can't be satisfied by ONGA,
Our chemistry seeks attention and gets sick with an attempt shun,
Flirtationship starts calling; respond with a real shun ship.

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