HUNGER FOR SEX - making love or having sex; pressured by pleasure; focus on love and not lust (07)

Shouldn't just be her boobs always revealing his teeth,
It shouldn't be about his kiss which opens her chest,
She loves her mind blown, yet, won't swallow the time bomb;
He may choose to dye her hair but can only die for air
man and lady making love shape with hand
HUNGER FOR SEX - pressured by pleasure; focus on love and not lust (07)

They call you Mr. Wizzy but I hope you take it easy,
Known as Miss Effizy; you compete with Mr. Wizzy,
It's beyond the pleasure; you're enslaved to the pressure,
Sex is not a game, so wipe off the sexual spots
Maybe the way she's dressed also caused this address;
He loves what he sees; hot in the lust he now hisses,
His emotions rage like the seas; he's blinded; no more sees;
He sees not the mercy that some other men see
His sense of persuasion draws her sexual attraction,
To a sacred art of romance in  a very deep dimension,
She enjoys this passion and confidence in his action;
His enjoyable personality gives her satisfaction
Lust's a general horniness for emotional connect;
Not differentiating love from lust leads to the defects
As clear as HD; the uncool after effects,
Understanding our sexuality is what helps us detect
Don't let crush be the option in the valley of decision;
Escape the situation of entangling infatuation,
Lust's differentiation from Love's integration,
Don't fill in every feeling; flee the illusion profession
The agenda that endangers is making sex the bull's eye,
Got to avoid darts from lust; you got the will to dodge,
Talking about gender every sex got the urge,
But can focus on love rather than a foe cursed lust.

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