IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT CHRIST - compliment of the season; part four (04)

Such a world without a church
Where the Bible ends in Malachi,
Abba father is unknown and Aba fathers are on loan,
God the father is farther than the Godfathers seeming nearer,
Flaws with the law never swept off the floor by divine grace

No free access to God's glorious riches that we now bank on,
Only special people pray and access God as birth right;
Accessing God once a year through the hollies of hollies in vogue,
Where the phrase ''men ought always to pray'' will indeed be vague

Where Love's only a deadly game of snake and ladder,
Where the scissors of hatred only sees us just to cease us,
Where no needle of love makes me aware that I need you,
Where men seemingly reap not what they sow but rip what others sew

Without phone calls to Heaven through the line called Jesus,
Where praying Mantis seems righteous in the acts booked for drama,
Where elephant speeches lost their weight to life's striving trauma,
Where cock and bull stories are eaten during Christmas

A world without the gospel; Bad news without the good news,
Without a way to Yahweh from the path called your way, 
A world without Calvary trying to carve a real fake,
No Christmas carols and no Easter to kiss the mass

Without the existence of blessings of Western civilization,
Eternal darkness without the hope of God's light station,
Without the hope of Resurrection from fruitless stages of mortality
Which is supposed to make Death an introduction to timeless ages of eternity 

Rather than the missionary, the world will have me shun Harry;
Rather than weep for masses, a world that whips the masses,
Without the words of Jesus 'twill be a world that does jinx us,
Where you need to cause chaos to okay what is yours.

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