COMPLIMENTS OF THE SEASON - merry christmas and a happy new year; samkleezy; kleezypen.com

A Christ's mass full of light; spreading weighty news to masses,
God the father kisses masses with the gift of life through Christ,
Yes! Those with weights that wait on Yahweh are saved in masses,
I love the birth of Christmas; the new passes the old away

Happy Newyear picture
COMPLIMENTS OF THE SEASON - merry christmas and a happy new year; samkleezy; kleezypen.com

The risen Christ's the reason for the seasoned season compliments,
Then the year kicks the bucket; oh, yeah! Life fills my bucket,
Because Christ the living well always keeps me living well,
Through the fetcher of grace that ropes me to eternal life

We decide to be on this side of time called the new year,
Yet, some died on time despite preparing in time,
You can't reach more time with riches; the dead couldn't buy more time,
If being alive is your story; then you're a life testifying glory

Happy new year to my readers currently in life's radar,
A time the pot loves my belly though I got no pot belly,
When I eat a lot of turkey though I ain't from Turkey,
Though not in Freetown but rise from bed for free rice

Left to write in the book that can't be left out of time,
I don't back my front or fall out when the downs surpass the ups,
The challenges fall in, yet, I stand out without falling;
My standing order's ''pass on to win when others are failling''

Hate will only kill us; only love can heal us,
God's intent plus our invention is a kind of intervention,
Though the scissors of hate may cease us to rip our clothes,
God's needle of love walks in and works on to sew us close

A shout out to my hot fans; they are so cool to roll and flow with,
Their face books the share button as I ball things in thoughts and share,
Our impact spreads in love, so keep on spreading that love,
Terrestial ball called the world will achieve goals through words of love

We don't bank on luck but grace; God's riches locks us in Christ,
In Christ's riches, rests, solution; don't just bank on resolution,
The tensions of life's thussle place us in puzzle detensions ,
But with daily events shown, we turn men of our inventions

God has made me cross over to make me take over,
Made me understand already that I wouldn't stand under,
Passed a way unknown, but different from time that passed away,
Time passes by me but sweetening thyme never by passes me.

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