APPLE OF MY EYES - life related poems at kleezypen.com

I cannot put a toe on this sweet potato
I hope to be the tomato that stirs me to my toe;
Spices me like onions not because of my pepper,
She sweet pass maggi like sey na magic

lady and apples
APPLE OF MY EYES - life related poems at kleezypen.com

This love no be beans; e be like bread and butter,
This one pass sugar, I dey call am honey;
The bitter leaf of life no fit affect this currie,
Cool water to my temper, na she dey salt my life

Dem been wan lick her stew make I enter hot soup;
Grace processed cocoa; dem no fit pound her like yam,
Not for the ground, so don't call her groundnuts;
She's the apple of God's eye; the pine I pull

Sweeter than ice-cream; love wey pass shawarma,
Not ebelebo tree but go sunsh you a belle ball,
Her beauty pass yellow pawpaw and even coca-cola;
Cris and nice inner content like coconut water

Life tried to smoke me dry but she made dough for my bread;
Sabi chop but no dey beef, giver wey no dey sell fish,
I'm well taken care of; not a local boli;
She's the anointed ororo wey sabi service plantain

No be frying pan to fire; when she show, gbege dey piante;
Na she be holy water wey dey make my garri rice,
Electric cooker wey dey shock me with popori;
Always a yummy tummy; my belle no fit hungry.

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