ONE SIDED ATTRACTION - emotional attatchments; part (01)

A marriage material pushed some yards away from the rim,
The boo of her dreams boos her away from her dream,
Despite strife for bae to be wife, life brings the spite to his poles,
So, here's a tract shown; a one sided tagged attraction

Sometimes, Edith edits his love  and calls his passion lust,
Sometimes, Joseph treats his Mary like she's potipher's wife,
Ogechi loves him but his act says,''Oge, chill out'',
Loves praise with little pay raise,so Pires is shown her warship

Maybe the Joseph in Josephine's heart already friend-zoned her,
Yes! The attractive Paulina's not in Paul's inner court,
Daniel's bell jingles wedding but Danibell says,''off limits'',
Olu's into Oluchi but she says,''Olu chill for life''

Yes you adore her but Adora sees you not adorable,
You hail from Adamawa but not hailed by it's Ada; ''na wha o'',
Even this girl called Frances may not be who France sees,
Ebere's still waiting for this Yoruba guy to ask the ''ibere''

You're the Philips that desires to wed and feel her lips,
A big no to the proposal is all that fills her lips,
Esther bleaches to earn love from a star who establishes none,
She seeks a frame of proposal but Ephraim is just speechless

Sometimes the guy is dumb; sometimes the girl is deaf,
The emotional attachment in a one sided love hurts,
Advice yourself to give it up or take it down for real,
Then learn to fall no more for someone who won't be there to catch you,

Yes! Your heart's been shot; the hit of love befalls you,
Emotional price in this short life; none pays the bills for you,
Forget the shut door; just the open doors can be for you,
And when you are down to nothing, know that God is up to something.

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