SEXUAL ABUSE - from victim team to victory team

Affected confidence, self-esteem and body image
Self-criticism, self-blame and self neglect forming a cage
Problem in relating with others; navigating relationships in rage,
Self-destructive behaviours that sabotage success' stage

Overwhelmed victims with shame in our society
In definitions away from their true reality;
A burdening feel of loss of innocence and dignity;
Uncomfortable with good things; the ''feeling unworthy'' mentality

When shame is the lie life tells you about yourself;
Life only makes you a pimp if you accept that you're a wimp,
It attacks you with the blame just to make you to be lame;
Yes! Life seems cruel but receive these words as fuel

What a traumatizing changing humiliating experience!!
Yet, a judgmental world full of pretense is your audience,
It isn't your fault; your fort can't be guilty conscience;
Duel with the cruel circumstance and not dwell in shame's disturbance

Seeds of inferiority and worthlessness through sexual abuse,
The way you think about yourself; living life feeling used,
You blame your outcry which caused your parents' marriage bruised,
And the continued cycle of abuse your actions diffused

Living the past isn't cool; leaving the present means hurt;
A torched conscience needing a touch of Love's essence,
Living out the past makes you remain life's victim;
But leaving out that past makes you present in the victory team.

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