IN A WRONG RELATIONSHIP - in a wrong relationship series; part one (1)

It takes more than just the voice of divorce in thy voice;
Two parties are always needed to activate divorce;
One's action followed by response of an other's reaction;
Evict love and divorce becomes very inevitable

I've seen cars speeding up to cause accidental scars,
Forcing their way to Marriage to experience a life of more rage,
Like the gutter got her; his age drained in the drainage;
Break up that wrong relationship and save your marriage

A broken relationship's better than a broken Marriage;
But before you back out, make sure all your front was in;
The faulty elevator shouldn't stop your using the stairs;
Just that pulling out sometimes is better than pushing in

It's an error, when his Miss takes advantage of his mistakes;
No matter his erred condition, her response's can be Air Conditioner, 
Her errors shouldn't stop him from thinking her a rose;
Increase the hots for her Eros; not the hurt for her errors

The efforts from both partners is what roots deep the forte,
As they both use their forte to shoot love forth,
Place God first and let him correct every fault;
Man is second, woman third; don't create a fourth

If the relationship isn't meant for A, then it isn't meant to be;
The much work they both put in adds more value to it
To determine how much distance they take from the heat;
Embracing the heat's  enough to hit you that it's wrong relationship

Many relationship issues results from wrong relationship,
May cause heart breaks than day breaks, yet, it's sometimes best to break up,
Being in wrong relationships is its reason and breakdown;
If the death of love breaks in, better to break out free to life.

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  1. A broken relationship's better than a broken Marriage;
    true talk, God bless u Sir

  2. Amen dearie...you are just the best...smiles