DON'T GIVE UP GIVING YOUR BEST - don't dirty your hands

I don't just keep my fingers crossed to cross the finish line;
I'm addicted to hard work like an ant that's divine,
If success got a price, then paying my dues is fine,
I live life assured that victory is mine

The tea of God for those who stand; don't dirty your hands,
The hard drive makes me work hard as I step on the pedals,
Straight on point without breaks; Got no tire for medals,
God is good is my motto; Baba drives me like a boss

Stop looking at your flaws but the sealing of God's strength,
Not the floor but the ceiling is where to pitch your tent,
Offering your very best; not a tithed one-tenth,
The apex is the place meant for your ascent

You'll jump hurdles of life; you'll ford raging seas,
You'll climb mountains so high; they are all stepping stones,
You're perfectly made to be up to the task,
Nothing can hinder you from your destiny

Forget about the hows; fly with wings like a gem;
Unpolluted by the germ to make your house fly,
Life's burglar may be patient but can't break your good luck,
Focus on the clear path; declare non-stop victory

Our chairman is the God to whom we table all requests,
Yes! He sits on my couch to coach me about life,
Sea wars of Jericho; victory is on shore,
Egypt can't stop your flow when God's promise is for sure.

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