THE CREDIBILITY OF AN ALMIGHTY KING - the stupidity of that old dragon drags on till date; spoken word from samkleezy

I wanna talk about the credibility of an almighty king whose humility stretches credulity to the very limit. I mean, he wasn't forced down from above by the force of gravity 'cos gravity couldn't curtail the intensity of his ability during his ascension; hahaha! He authored gravity himself.

This almighty in His capacity has imposed his quality on us and given us the ability and eligibility of partaking in the centrality of his authority as an opportunity to reveal the enormity of his creativity by turning the simplicity of his activity into the complexity of reality, bringing difficulty on Satan's mentality to fathom the authenticity of God's divinity which has been infused into us through a calling, not of passivity but of particularity with his divine purpose to bring out the peculiarity in us and and address life with specificity of divine wisdom through affinity with his Spirit rather than the world.

He left his glorious city in complete humility to face the earth's hostility. He descended to earth in simplicity to ensure the connectivity between humanity and divinity. He came on a course to cause changes; turning impossibility to possibility, negativity to positivity, abnormality to normality, impurity to purity, activity to creativity and nonentity to celebrity.

King  of immortality putting on a body of mortality. He put off immunity to face the devil's brutality, giving the devil the audacity to crucify his creator with alacrity. Oh! Imagine the picture; Satan captured Christ in the photo of pain.

Well, I believe we should all know that the actuality of the activity of our saviour's dexterity over the world's depravity portrayed the superiority of his seniority over Satan's inferiority because the eventuality of the whole technicality clears obscurity to reveal Satan's falsity; capitalizing his cupidity to expound his stupidity.

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