I AM GRATEFUL - only a great fool chooses to be ungrateful; part three (03)

I was so unlawful before you showed me your ways
That's why my boastful right lies only in your grace
When my loving you is doubtful, you remain my Ancient Of Days
You're the reason for my gainful life and so I'm grateful

Satan is mournful that I never kicked the bucket
Satan is sorrowful that God blesses my pocket
Life'd be a stressful flight without you as my rocket
My zeal for praise is so youthful that I'm so grateful

The devil used his rifle but I wasn't gunned down
I've been sometimes too playful but your love has never gone down
Despite my willful mind sometimes, You never cast me down
Despite a spiteful world, you have made me grateful

Sometimes neglectful of your will but uphold my hand
Life was painful till you lifted me from sinking sand
My tearful eyes are dried Lord, your wish is my command
Now, the frightful past is gone and I'm grateful

Wishful thoughts without action; harmful spice that spies the human tool
Granted grace not to be slothful but handle the divine mantle
Respectful and not forceful; Your Spirit is so gentle
Ain't forgetful of your love; that's why I'm grateful.

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