EXPIRY DATE - it's better to burn out than to fade out

Every breath inspired is definitely expired,
Every living soul manufactuared will one day expire,
Birthday is natural; death day isn't unnatural,
Just that it's better man burns out than to fade out

Relating things you can do to that of a candle,
An invalid life is one not fulfilling purpose,
Like the poor pose of a candle already faded out,
Expired while alive; I mean before burning out

Man got a call ender date called expiry date,
Our birth earns us a date with one life only,
Till death buys us a date with a timeless eternity,
A tie to either romantism or romanticism

Man is MADE to Make A Difference Everywhere;
Never too late to make a difference, until you're late,
Candles faded out still got the chance to burn out,
The choice of Fool-feel poor pose or to fulfill purpose is yours

Life is always game to unveil our true worth;
A number of challenges of different shapes like whot,
But no man's a dry terrain; we all got the rain of time;
Watch your flow; don't get your age drained; no one's meant for the drainage

''I must work the works of he that sent me while it's day;
For the night is coming when no man can work''
We occupy our space in life as living souls that matter,
Just that we lose our weight when our mass  purpose is gunned and gone.

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