I AM HUMAN - I am M.A.D.E. (Making A Difference Everywhere)

If I were sugar, I'd attract sugar ants;
I am human; friends should enjoy my sweetness,
If I were salt, a pinch of me would influence the pot;
I'm a human MADE to Make A Difference Everywhere

If I were an eagle, I would master the wind;
I am a human; I master my fear and challenges,
If I were a lion, I would rule the jungle;
I am human, I must subdue the earth

If I were a dog, I'll be loyal to my master;
I am Christian; my loyalty is to Christ,
If I were a monkey, I wouldn't resist bananas;
I am a believer; don't resist fruits of the Spirit

If I were a bee, I would protect my honey;
I am human; I must protect what I love,
I'll have the might, if a termite, to protect my hill;
I am a citizen; I must defend my country

If I were a lamp, I would brighten my corner;
I am a shepherd; my voice heard should lead the herd,
If I were a shark, I'd be the spotlight of the ocean;
I am a giant in the reality of my dreams.

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