I AM GRATEFUL - only a great fool chooses to be ungrateful; part one (01)

I'm so praise full for the grace I see,
You've been faithful all the time to me,
I'm so thankful you dried my red sea,
You're so merciful and so, I'm grateful

I'm so joyful for your love made plain,
You've been helpful to carry my pain,
Life was awful till I was born again,
You are wonderful and so I'm grateful

You're so mindful of our friendship,
So careful to strengthen our relationship,
I'm always cheerful following your leadership,
I'd be a great fool if I choose not to be grateful

I'm so hopeful in your word all day
Since you're truthful in all that you say,
Always careful to show me your way,
You're beautiful and so I'm grateful

I'm prayerful when it comes to You,
You're graceful in all that you do,
You're full of love and kindness too,
You're powerful and so I'm grateful.

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