I was helpless and hopeless till I came across the cross where love was made plain beyond what the sane mind could explain. On that old rugged cross, Christ bore my loss and curse of course to make my life on course. I was a kid that cried over spilled milk but now rejoice over spilled blood; blood that speaks better things than that of Cain's brother, Abel; rings a bell how this lamb was slain in pain without complaints for our gain; yes! A lamb slain to be the lamp leading us back to the father.

Satan the maneuvered circumstances and thought it was all over till Jehovah my deliverer turned it. Hahaha! I'm a believer now; a new creature by divine structure. A fulfillment of scriptures to restructure the picture of my future from whom Satan punctured with torture into a new creature.

The torment I had to endure were raw, drawing me down like okro till I discovered the door to God's store; Jesus, who blotted out my errors to shield me from terror, making it sure for me to reach the sea shore because Jesus with whom I concur is the anchor that secures me to the core no matter what occurs.

I once had my divine treasure out of pressure exchanged for sin's pleasure which filled me to stupor in a measure that made death await my life's ceasure. But wow! I'm glad I met the saviour whose favour transformed the labour I bore into the sweet smelling savour of His presence. In all my life's endeavour, I never experienced such flavour. So great savour; a sweet smelling savour.

A savour founded on my solid rock and saviour. A savour enveloped by God's favour. A sweet smelling savour founded on Christ's divine flavour. On that old rugged cross, his last breath blazed out the phrase,''It is finished.'' which launched me into a new phase of grace. A phase of grace blazing with glory, 'coz I'm a sweet smelling savour with a unique story.

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