Let's say this world were a pot and circumstance is the cooker,
You live in the world and challenges come as fire,
You don't port out of the pot until you're well-done,
When God's the chef, you'll get through just fine

God 'don turn' my mountains fufu, if not, I for 'don enter' hot soup,
Life 'no be' beans but with God's love na sweet potato,
Life 'no be' beans, so allow God to butter your bread;
So that if dem bury you for water, 'you go' still rise pass garri

His grace wipes away my flaw, his love sweeps me off the floor,
His love hits me like a greenade, oh! It blows my mind away,
Showers of grace rain on me, so I can never be dry,
The flow of blessings from God's reign quenches my thirsty desires

Haters meet me to beef me, dem poke nose to chop me,
They had their fishy plan on fire but the Most High smoked them dry,
Your rise go sweet pass magi; na miracle; no be magic,
Your shine go come on time with spicing better than curry

First class citizen; extra sheets of blank cheques,
No real session of recession in my zone the last time I checked,
Baba don package me pass packet shirt; money full my pocket,
The earth is full of death, yet, I never kick the bucket

Come enjoy God's riches; he doesn't bill gates,
God isn't done yet; still cooking up so much stuff,
Though the pot holds the belly, it is God that holds the pot,
The pot's hole is full enough to fill many belly pot holes.

*don turn: has turned (pidgin English)
*don enter: would have entered (pidgin English)
*no be: is not (pidgin English)
*you go:you will (pidgin English)

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