ONE BODY REACHING OUT WITH THE GOSPEL OF SALVATION - grafted into one body of Christ; Romans 10:10

One body of Christ reaching out to everybody,
In the body of Christ, everybody is somebody,
Reaching out to win everybody; leaving out nobody,
Everyone is welcome; Christ's open to anybody

Not words from a mere sage but the living word of God;
The message in this messed age is the same as of old;
Romans ten ten; easy steps to salvation;
Believe in Christ's finished work and confess his Lordship

With the era of guns gone, the Holy ghost is power,
We don't need a pistol to teach them the epistle,
They hit us with their punch; We got good news in the Punch,
They shoot the bullet in; grace fills our bulletin

We got archers called teachers using arrows called the word,
Pastors running past all to lead by example,
Apostles that bustle through the tussle of opposition,
Evangelists with a van geared list, going up position

We don't need a prophet's finger to point us to unity's direction,
We need to stand as one voice to race faster than the Rolls Royce,
One body in Christ; let us harvest souls together,
United we stand, divided we fall

Some random folks of violence can't break our vow lens,
We win those folks through life's door; Christ is the door to God,
Christ is the way, the truth and the life,
Our weapon in this life isn't a knife but peaceful strife.

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