GREAT UNIBEN - the University of Benin; UNIBEN UBTH ugbowo/ekenwuan

Matriculation came; we turned the First Year Brethren,
We anticipated the day of transformation to Final Year Brethren,
I learnt Axe men stopped felling trees so I wished to turn a raptured Jew;
Raptured away from school and oppressions of strong men

A mixed multitude of FYBs; talking First and Final Year Brethren,
Call ender dates of exams; had lovely dates with our books,
We were night class booked but the bed came proposing,
Our grumbling bellies joined in the proposal for booker

If your kid needs to bend, UNIBEND is the place;
In case you need stress; UNISTRESS is the palace;
You're looking for the best? Take a tour to UNIBEST,
Den of men like lion king; that's UNIBEN for you

Had special ones in hall one; visited hall two too,
Had my thrill in hall three; hostel struggles all for hall four,
Hi five to hall five; post graduates banked on key stones,
The dreaded EKOSODI; OSASOGIE Be The P.A.

Sweeter than honey those days were the As,
To stir up all the jealous bees that be, like the BB,
Swimming in success SEAS have been the best DEALS,
We never accept the ILLS because hope was our ELF

We lacked GEEZ and belle H; so called on Bros J to make things O.K.,
What the HELL's wrong with MTN; contacting home seems O.P.,
Long Queues at ATM caused by shot ARROWS of recession,
ASUU comes striking defenceless government that don't keep goals

Glory to none ELSE but God, we now drink proper TEA,
Graduation to convocation; CU-NIFES was my S.U.V.,
Singled out to reign; God's blessings DOUBLE for YOU,
God don bless u X-tra, that's Y your breakthrough eaZy.

*CU-NIFES: Christian Union Nigerian Fellowship of Evangelical Students
*P.A.: Personal Assistant
*O.P.: Off Point
*Bros J: Jesus Christ
*belle H: belly's hungry
*booker: eatery
*strong man: cultist
*Jew: moral dude
geez: money

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