TWO ASPECT OF CHRISTIANITY - the revelatory aspect and the demonstrative; titus 2: 11, 12

The Spirit-wielded words to our soul are shielded off under soles
By those Seeking divine feits, yet, place obedience under feet;
Living in the Spirit but take pleasure in the flesh;
Leaving out the Spirit when it's demonstration time

Full of God's message but conformed to the messed age,
Aware we're God's property but dislike His proper tea,
Claiming to be Christ's bride but not acting his wife,
Understanding God's will, yet, still in charge of the wheel

Two sides of Christianity; revelatory and demonstrative,
Victory's been fulfilled in Christ certainly on our behalf,
The price was paid in full but some live as though in half;
Talking folks with no structure to practice the truth revealed from scripture

Believing the vine's revelation but leaving out divine demonstration,
Accepting revelations of grace but rejecting its teaching of Godliness,
Claiming to pay obeisance, yet leaving out obedience,
Got the well of revelation but still dwell off demonstration

You've been separated from the world to live by God's word,
Allow that truth in your head to root deep down in your heart,
You're the tower of the Spirit meant to demonstrate His power,
The Spirit wields words for our soul to solely control our soles

You aren't a candle without light, so, brighten your corner;
You aren't salt without purpose; influence the world with savour,
Your faith lives through Christ to show forth divine works,
The Spirit is planted in you; show forth His fruits to the world.

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