PURE HUSTLE - today's busy activity is the foundation for tomorrow

As long as I got muscle, you cannot stop my hustle,
We wrestle before rest to burst through the bustle,
Thus, the tussle from our nozzle isn't meant for loud rustle,
God keeps fueling us with diesel to sizzle and not fizzle

After the painful rupture, there'll be a gainful rapture;
Hardwork featured now to keep the future unpunctured,
The structure of few chores to avert the grid of future torture;
Laziness is a vulture that preys on a dead future

Life's a game of chess not to be played with guess or messed awareness,
Pray for nothing less than God's promises to bless,
You got access to success not just by what you confess
But the faith you profess through your onward press

Left right with the sight of fright to fight with,
The plight of the night sometimes bites off our might,
But we await the bright site of light by holding tight,
Might climb quite a height before black and white turns coloured

The tussling puzzled wrestle in the rustling hustled bustle
Are just few chores for the future featured in life's present structure;
You can bank on the access to success through your onward press,
Don't write off the hope left; right the wrong and never quit.

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