BE CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU DECIDE - being clean isn't a function of routine

Careful of what you decide;
Adam ate the fruit and died,
Cut away from Jehovah's side;
The life of dominion was denied

What's the essence
Of your preference
If it's got no reference
To God's presence

Wow! Christ brought reconciliation
For constant divine communication,
Stemming from our heart's dedication
In the best of all dimension

God's Spirit can't
Be in me and be dormant,
He is the informant;
It's his wisdom I chant

He is the flow I carry
That glows in my story;
A glow of glory
That countered satan's furry

Oh! How he loves us;
Broke the curse
And changed our life's course;
A new realm endorsed

Being clean
Isn't a function of routine
But the love shed within;
Uncomprehended by sin

The fruit Adam ate cut him like a knife
But you can decide to taste Christ who's the tree of life,
He gives life free of strife;
No other way to eternal life.

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