THE MOST NOBLE CONTRADICTION - I'm heavy in light; the light in darkness

The subject matter is about matter that really matters. I'm heavy in light; the light in darkness; I rather have weight than just occupy space. From a direct angle, my life's length relies on God's breath of life. Sometimes, life's fair enough without a skin of bee-leeches; sometimes, boring enough to leave holes in the heart. I dare source pens dear for suspense up a road of ideas to express a junction of the most noble contradiction not in diction but history; love on the cross which makes joy kiss the lips of laughter into hearts decorated not with hats but crowns of glory. A king treated as slave; lion turned a lamb in his jungle; creator cursed to bless his creation. The best we can do is worship him not just with lips but in Spirit and truth.

Because it is finished, this appointment is without dissapointment. All I pray for already be for me standing before me. Complete inheritance; the questions drill me but I inherit the answers through the Spirit that has made me a dancing king than David. A lot of by gonnes by guns, yet, I enjoy great delight 'cos I dwell in the light.

Not about the trance formations but transformation; divine information from the vine is what prevents the formation of deformation. No more barred areas of barriers by arrears, yet my desire isn't just to launch this higher in my secular career as a Holy Ghost carrier. To my fellow sheep in fellowship, you don't come with a war ship to the place of worship; worship of obedience to live his grace; to leave the wheels in his will

A parable isn't needed to pare a bull called satan; grace reduced his works to nothing already. Christ revoked the bond age, yet sin has sinners in bondage. The destined nation for doom already has its destination changed by Christ, yet the dragon still drags on souls using fiery darts of guilt to cage even the sage without Christ; we're to pray out every prey from the snare of the evil of the devil; unveiling the concealation of the word to enable the canscelation of sin effects and effect reconciliation.

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