APRIL FOOLS - happy new month; turn a new leaf; psalm 14:1

Last month is over; gone too forever
But by Jehovah's grace, I remain a believer,
Circumstance may manoeuvre but I won't believe her;
we have crossed over and so we take over

We jubilate and celebrate; fate of the fortunate;
Grateful we aren't great fools which fortune ate,
We Elevate, not relegate; God helps us not to depreciate;
Appreciate the God that made your value appreciate

This new month of April, your joy will be full;
God 'no go let' Satan prank you like April fool,
APRIL: Anointed Persons Relish In Love to rule;
Divine technique from the vine; a standard rule

Don't be an 'April fool' that believes there is no God
Psalm 14 verse 1 is the message from the Lord;
In this messed age, it's God's word to the world,
So break your heart's pod; corrected by God's rod

April fools have goofed; thinking God to be a lie,
If they die under doubts roof, shocking truth will make them cry;
To escape death's wolf, accept Christ as sire;
Like a horse with hoofs, race back to the Most high

Worship not just with mouth but a heart that walks,
Yes! Walks in the light through divine gracious works;
Not just by talks but the gracious work that rocks,
Choose grace and not luck to avoid the future shocks.

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