I AM A WORK IN PROGRESS - taught to take my place in God's palace

I'm a son of the most high and I know my inheritance,
That's the reason why my life is not by chance,
I'll forever follow your will 'cos you loved me with zeal,
Made your blood the seal that cleared my pending bill

No matter what I do, it's very true
That without you, there's no pulling through,
I always thank the Lord for his unfailing word;
It's the only living sword that's sovereign in this world

Despite enemies of progress, I'm still a work in progress,
My path of light won't digress; I remain in God's congress,
I'm of a divine brand on the palms of his hand,
Sometimes I sit, sometimes stand but not on sinking sand

God's the potter, I'm the clay; he's my model everyday;
His works influence me day by day; his way's my way and only way,
Satan the enemy can't stand the God in me;
He tries the inner me but bows to the God in me

God prunes me in his ways through ancient words of grace;
Teaching me to take my place as a god in His palace,
My life is meant for worship; obedience to his Lordship;
A life of stewardship; relationship of friendship.

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