UNITED IN CHRIST - Christianity is not a competition so stop the denomination confusion

Christianity is not a competition
So stop the denomination confusion;
Return from the direction of diversion
To the ministry of reconciliation

Put aside the division complication
And be conscious of our participation
In the divine nature from Christ’s ordination
And unification of saints to His exaltation

Time has duration
So let’s take our task to completion,
Preaching the good news of salvation
And sanctification from pollution’s destruction

The fullness of Jehovah’s glorification
Lies in our spirit man’s beautification;
All saints have a living condition
To give God adoration

Our life is worship to God’s kingship;
Life of sonship to the father’s lordship;
More of friendship than partnership;
A relationship in life’s safest ship

Our faith is in God;
Our fate lies in his word;
We are to wait on the Lord
Whose love till date is shed abroad.

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