HE STOPPED THE STINGS OF DEATH'S THREAT - Prince of Peace at war from birth

Prince of Peace at war from birth,
Put on a body to house death,
And stopped the stings of death's threat,
As his breath diffused through out the earth

Definitely was born to win,
Born sinless but became sin,
And picked us out of the law's bin;
He freed us without and within
Carried that old rugged cross,
And got all our Ts crossed,
Life ticked; death cancelled; crossed,
'Cos my genes with God's crossed
Dotted my Is and crossed my Ts,
Opened my eyes; sugared my tea,
Made devil's fall so mighty
I call him God; the Almighty,
As his strength diminished,
His mouth proclaimed, ''It is finished'';
Sin's fire is extinguished,
With death abolished, we're distinguished
sin's yoke is the annoying thing,
Broken by the anointing;
Left void by law; a null thing
Till Grace set in to change the setting.

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