THE SEIZE OF GRACE BROUGHT IN THIS EASE - I got the full length of God's divine breath of life

Yes! The devil came and his game is to steal,
To make our hearts as hardened as the man of steel,
Christ died on the cross, yet in Christ there's life still,
Come to him for life and don't keep standing still

The seas may rage but God authors the cease,
The Cs will upgrade if your faith eye dare sees,
Disease cured by stripes; even death was deceased,
The seize of grace is what indeed has brought in this ease
Power from the cross; the cross on the hill,
On the cross, there is victory through Christ's broken heel,
Ageless stripes through the ages still meant for the ill,
The blood still flows, our diseases to heal
I got the full length of God's divine breath of life,
The area of this life is what keeps me alive,
I'm free indeed from the perimeter of strife;
I now got the Spirit's sword to counter Satan's knife
Shouts of great victory is all that I scream,
My mouth is full of sweetness from God's divine ice cream,
Joy in the Holy Ghost validates my high scream,
'Cos the veil has been cleared off by God's divine eyes cream.

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