DIVINELY CONFIGURED - grace configured

Eve brought the call to me; I didn't charge her stop,
Life bar went flat by a tree a bit to dead,
My blood was the bill you covered with a ram,
A damned in the morning set free by Christ at eve
I left God's micro-chips and took a bite of the cheap;
I'm talking the apple presented to my laptop,
Made my memory full enough to make me crash;
Only Christ can make you neat; not your processing unit
Satan used his monitor to screenshot my progress,
Tried to chop me like microchips like sacrificial ram,
He tried to bite me but God beat his key buds,
With Uninterrupted power supply from the throne of grace
His kiss of love locked my bad luck in grace,
My poor pose transformed through his purpose that blaze,
Devil still sell baits to those that run the wrong race,
With the evil to bathe the souls of men in disgrace
The old serpent still paints souls with his sour paints,
Tries to block the sweet oranges of grace from all ranges,
And angles that make try angles of self righteous efforts vain;
Never believe in luck but Christ's kiss of grace.

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