THE VALIANT STOIC - The leaves dance on as true love lives

The blind I see are the reason I scream;
They create lies as blindfold to use as eyes-cream;
The deceptive sweetness they think is ice-cream
Until they are iced in the depth of its lies and cold
As Love’s reign rained on the heart of Ruth,
She accepted the pain found on truth’s route;
A true creation of love with real square roots;
Such genuine beauty is what thrills the trees
The leaves dance on as true love lives
But they dry up as this love leaves;
The veins of love within the dry leaves
Without love’s flow in them is vain
The trees murmured as leaves whispered
As the protected and cunning little wisp erred
Because of truth we speared and the lies we spared;
Unlike the valiant stoic that stands the storm
Wisps that enjoy the lies that lies in Lie’s porn
Till the Truth becomes, the messed age of the pawn,
This isn’t from a mere sage just to wordplay for pun
So I hope we thought the truth that was taught in the message.
Photo credits: POETS the original

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