THE BOND IN THE POND - Unlike disunity’s poor pose, this unity’s for purpose

Fear brings us goose pimples; love makes us good people,
The pond is full of cold but unity is the code
The error of terror may cut through like a knife
Yet, we survive like a stump in the stronghold of love
Some call us birds; love is our bed
Some call us swans; we all live as one
Unlike disunity’s poor pose, this unity’s for purpose
The pond of life stirs strife yet we all waddle through
I got my true colour, all the same ain’t a fake art
Not different from my kind, all the same I’m unique
Not just part of the real team; our rhythm’s the real theme
White or black; different tribes, but all got the same vibes
Swimming through life like I got divine fins
A direct shun of hatred for the direction to love
The cease of hatred’s rain as the seas of love reign
I’d rather glow in love’s grid than flow with the greed
Maybe I’m law gauged not to turn a useless luggage
But the arrows of hatred only needs a rose of love
This unity without the disunity within
Hate will only kill us; only love can heal us
Rather than give up to suffering, we just keep on surfing
Life’s faeces to our faces but together we stand
The Physics of Life’s in phases; divided we fall
Life’s pond is the inference to make bonds with a difference.
Photo Credits: Hifsa Ashraf

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