FOCUS - Looking unto Jesus; Heb 12: 2

I see them false prophets;

How they force profits,

Bringing wrong prospects

And forming false precepts



We've been called out of darkness;

As God's righteousness;

Weakness burried in God's fullness;

We're free from wickedness


From the world, seperated,

Through the way Christ created;

Seperated and connected

To the blessed Godhead


Planted and situated

Through a path that's selected

By the lamb who was rejected

To get us and God United


With sin's genes ceased

And disease of death deceased,

That was the genesis

Of revelations of bliss


Take heed to God's doctrine

And hide it within;

'Twill shield you from sin

And make you always win


Choose to walk in the Spirit

And the flesh will free your feet;

Obedience keeps you fit

To achieve glorious feits


When we focus on Jesus,

Nothing at all can jinx us;

The "far-you-see" can't cease us,

Nor the "sad-you-see" that sees us.


Title credits: Ochuko Ikogho

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