THE DAY AND AGE - John 15: 6, 10; 1 John 2: 6, 24; Rom 16: 17, 18

They say they hunger for truth,

Yet, won't shove it down their throats;

Show them the truth with true roots

And they'll call it truth my foot



Nurse them like the plants to shoot

And they'll pick up guns to shoot,

Offer them the safety boat

And they'll start loosening bolts


They coat grace in black suits,

Gratify self with what soothes,

Darken plain truth like soot

And make up the word till it's worldly cute


Toxic Rhema; no real tooth

Spreading fast like from Bluetooth,

Square roots bearing no fruits;

A walk without the Spirit's boots


As the devil tries to loot,

Let the watchman play the flute;

For the lying owl's hoot

Will never make truth mute.


Title credits: Oghosa Anthonia Imayuse

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