STRIVE - Christ is the focus. He's the head and we're all part of the same body; Eph 4: 3

Satan always incites

Disunity and fights;

But get out from your night

And let us reunite



Keep the insights in sight

And use the word on site,

Till we're all left to write

One vision that's alright


Despite the spites of fright

Don't give in to the plight;

Night must give way for the bright

And for delights of the light


Using unity for flight

Let's soar higher than the kite

Aiming love as the height;

Agape that excites


Satan may try to smite

But we'll win in God's might,

Division may try to bite

But in Christ we're knitted tight


Let the mission be right

And our hearts be contrite,

Attitudes be polite,

Altitude that pull light


Honesty and trust that see light,

Communication without slight,

Understanding without plight,

And lives be upright


Whether black or white

With one voice we invite,

The love which our minds recite

Into, our hearts, the real site.


Title credits: Felix Sarah

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