BEACONS - I'll wait; chastity

The world's a witness
That some take pride in weakness
Under the guise of an awareness
Of civilized madness

Fantasy of virtuality,
Contrasting hypocrisy of reality,
The weakness of humanity
Versus the chastity ability
Lustful convenience,
Lack of patience,
Hardened conscience;
Loss of innocence
Insatiable adventure
For lustful pleasure;
An erupted sexual rupture
Unraptured to alter the future
Pleasure is wired to the gene;
Pressure is like a start-up engine
Turning the unchased virgin
Into an unchaste virgin
Chastity wages war
Against a viral factor;
The virus in lust's store
That knocks love to the floor
I am Godsent
To be different;
To remain innocent
And to stay decent
I'll keep my virginity,
It's my pride and dignity;
I'll use every opportunity
To show off my chastity
Despite the notion
That it's old fashioned
Isn't enough confrontation
To kill my vision
A vision most hardly chase
Like the action series of Hadley Chase;
This vision I chase
Is to remain chaste
Not just the chased virgin;
I am the chaste virgin,
The flowered land so green
Will be deflowered with a grin
Could be Virgin but not "the tea"
When a Virgin; yet, sexually dirty;
Virgin chasing titties or virgin chased titties,
Only chastity can cross the Ts.

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