DEATH'S PRICE - He paid the debt Through His noble death

He was slain in pain
But rose again;
He broke sin's chains
And all its deadly constraints


Has released life to us
And placed us on the right course,
He is the true cause
Of death's broken curse
Death was the price
Of the highest sacrifice;
Love did suffice;
Love that broke the ice
He paid the debt
Through His noble death
And restored the earth
From evil's depth
Story confirms the glory,
Glory proclaims the story;
So it's not just all about your story,
Just give God the glory
If your life's show is played,
Will you desire what replays;
Not proud of what relays?
Then turn to God for real Axe
Reaching the mercy seat
Is not by how well you fit
But the Spirit light lit
To direct your feet
May Christ the Living Well
Keep you living well;
Rather than leave him for wells,
Desire to live well for him.
Title credits: Isibor Naomi

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