gospel poetry; ABIDE IN THE LORD - hold on to his word

Abide in the Lord; hold on to his word
He is the true vine; the vine that’s divine
Be rooted in His truth; be a branch bearing good fruits
Obedience to his voice is your very best choice
The power of ministry lies in regularity
Rather than throw man a revenge, throw the devil the challenge
Don’t ever be deceived; justify the grace received
Don’t exploit the mercy when God parts the red sea
Don’t adulterate the word for idolatry in the world
Never short-measure the word for pleasure in the world
What a privilege to pledge and wedge the merge with truth’s badge
Regularity amplifies you; but consistency increases value
Idolatry of these all-some only sum up as idol-latrines
Some may adore trees, I rather adore the tree
Awesome tree of life whom I call the Living Well
That keeps me living well even while in the well
Though the lapses you race, don’t collapse at any phase
Though the lapses in your race, God throws mercy in your face
There’s a fountain that rushes which cleanses and purges
Refreshes and washes; trashes sin’s rashes

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