poetry; WALK THE TALK - tomorrows not dead yet; hope

Life is a race; a race to be run,
By God’s grace, my fight will be won
Stand in your place as God’s own son
No matter what you face, shine brighter than the sun
I’ll act my role here on life’s stage
Making sure my soul won’t get trapped in its cage
Ensuring my goal won’t be swallowed by its rage
Till my life in whole becomes a fulfilled page
My life’s made up of every single choice
I run non-stop to someday rejoice
My vision won’t drop despite the distracting noise
My mission won’t flop if I follow God’s voice
Ears, eyes, nose and mouth; the gates of life
Defend your destiny; keep the dream alive
What you perceive through your senses determines your thought
Everything you feed on has an effect on you
Ideas rule the world; your thoughts rule your own,
Your thoughts rule your word ‘cos your thoughts determine your “I dare”
We haven’t really got money problem; we got wisdom problem
Money is the result you get for solving problems
The degree of your influence is a measure of your affluence
Vision turn to mission when action backs the talk
If you won’t walk the talk, then don’t talk the walk
As long as there’s a “today”, it’s never too late to change tomorrow
Being a Holy-ghost carrier is enough to boost your career
God makes your path well lit, so you enjoy more than wealth
For some, the charm piles on but grace has made you champion
The protective hedge around you has given you enough edge
So, when they say there's a casting down, it's time to cast your net
The saint's work is easy, he just rolls on in grace
The world makes it advanced stage; the word gives you advantage
You can do all things through Christ Jesus.

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