Spoken word; poetry; WALK THE TALK - sometimes, words are not enough; never separate the life you live from the words you speak

You don't suck seeds to succeed; hardwork is before soft walk,
Face the quest, do your best, leave God the rest and live in rest;
Don't rip to sew but sow to reap; give your best to live in rest,
If life pulls you down, then just activate the push up
Pay attention to details that helps us not to be the tail,
Some too broke to pay attention receive wages from the tension,
Yet they never ever know it until caged in time's detention,
The storm may rock life's boat; but see the sea as a solution
It's not what you believe that makes the honey-bee live;
What you believe in just affects how you'll be living,
Rear view or the rare view; Not quitting is the difference;
Though life weighs you down, don't stop the press-ups
We easily back down when we got no backup;
Either give up hope or take down fear; the battle remains upfront,
Even failure stands down whenever we sit up,
To oversit with success, then understand life in excess
We learn from our mistakes to soar beyond our, ignorance,
Gone are the days of knowledge is light; Now's the day of applied knowledge;
Out of darkness shines light and out of light comes life
With the vision and clarity to focus on charity
We draw lives from the same artist but can't call all the same background,
You decide the colour but ensure God's in the background;
Had my back in the ground till God got my fonts up,
Faith in fate or fate of faith; I cannot be back down 'cos God's my backup
Break up with the past not to break down in the future
Don't lock up your heart; rather lock down the hurt
Don't bottle up the anger; pour out all of the pain
Life's bottle top got you pissed, but you can still gulp the peace.

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