TALE OF A FAIRY - poetry; When love is the bond, then two become one.

She's not a housefly but will make my house fly;
Mother my kids with love that can never be murdered,
If she were a bee, I'll call her my horny-bee;
For the honey she protects is the love that holds the home
Black Maria clears haters from touching my car rear,
My arrears of the past cannot stop my career,
I no be Maria but I'm a Holyghost carrier;
I declare to marry her; Baba support me carry her
Indeed she is priceless; don't think I bought a fly,
She no be ajepako; Oh baby! My BUTTERfly,
Heard she's a fairy tale; all but for lies;
Lice of critics in air, lies on her; you see, but I fly
Like a kid in love, I bought this ice-cream,
They say love is blind; effect in its eyes cream,
The sweetness of this love is the reason I scream,
Reciprocated love is the cause of my high scream
When love's your rule bar; language is no barrier,
When love is your station, antennas got reception,
When love's the television; it's easy to follow vision,
When love is the bond, then two become one.

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