AFRICAN QUEEN - wife material series; black is beautiful. - Kleezypen

Endowed with the swagger that keeps pulling the trigger
Of sensual linger, like the love song of a singer
Sparkling the ginger, to place the ring on her finger
Makes me high than ganger, to chase her like power rangers

Beautiful African lady
AFRICAN QUEEN - wife material series; black is beautiful. - Kleezypen

Her banger soup na the "banga", wey dey always kill my hunger
Her words like drums of conga; hin dey always calm my anger
Her love deep pass konga; none other makes smiles longer
MC. Shakara for yanga; wedding Ankara dey hanger

Black beauty like soot, like sey na natural black suit
African Queen to the root; her gun is love when she shoots
Monocoloured skin; smooth with a cuteness that soothes
Hot and cool from head to foot; fertile brain with wisdom fruits
She's the sole music, so generic for the soul
Though you try to piss her off, she tends to peace you on
She dey cause gbege and gombe to piante without delay
I'll take her to my mummy, so that soon she'll turn the mummy.
*banga: main stuff
*Konga: well (for water)
*Shakara/yanga: show off
*Gbege/gombe: trouble
*Piante: runaway

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  1. 'She dey make gombe dry piante.'nice one bro, keep up the good work.

  2. Yeah indeed am sleeping in faith
    Nice work