THE GOD-RACE: beyond the white or black race, it's a core Lord race

Sin was the challenge facing me like a hurdle
Making death gnash it's teeth trying to eat me like the noodle
God's love kept calling, I tell am leave me, e don do
The deceitfulness of sin made me avoid God's cuddle

My book of acts shunned 'cos I neglected Christ the tent shown,
From the tension of detention, no attention but a tenth shun
Grace was the sea of cure; only in grace can you see cure
That secures till tomorrow and through eternity's marrow

Wasn't a Jew but juiced up, the law got my strength used up
God banked on me but let down, the law got my strength crushed down
To steal it, and kill it; destroy it; till God did it and healed it; restored it
I feel it, I'm in it; it's called grace; I'm in it, the new race; the God-race
Circumstance come with kongfu; still dey try to confuse me
Challenges come like Bruce-Lee; still dey try to bruise me
Even brethren come like Ben-ten; all dey do is try to bend me
And discourage this courage like it's the core age of diss rage
Yes! Sin did seduce me, eventually reduced me
I deduce to abuse, me so death could acuse me
Grace was what excused me; This grace still dey amuse me
Satan no fit re-use me, 'cos na God now dey use me
No more talking white or black race but the core-Lord race
Crossed the line of human race into the field of the God-race
Where I live greased with ease cos it's a race found on grace
One blood of Christ; alive in the Holy Ghost.

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  1. Yeah, God's grace is abundant even when we drown in an ocean of sin. Thanks Sooh much for the write up.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Glory to God for abundant grace

  2. The Core-Lord Race... I love that line.

    And I like the flow in this piece.
    Great work

    1. Thanks so much...sir Victor. I'm glad you liked it

  3. I'll continually bask in God's cuddle. Thanks for this piece