ALPHA AND OMEGA - from A to z; beginning to end

God is my number one, so I call him the Alpha (α)
I am next to Omega; more than good, call me better (β)
Favour agrees with me; nods its head like Agama (γ)
Outlet of living water; you can call me the delta (δ)

Not by power or by might; Jehovah's help's still on (ε)
Scaling hurdles from A; soon I'll get to Z; hater (ζ)
NEPA no fit off my light; no fit stop my shine either (η)
So stop wasting try-angles finding my fall like it's sine theta (θ)
No iota of doubt in the heart of my aorta (ι)
Confident in my God, my head raises my cap high (κ)
'Fellowship with Christ the head sheep; for short, call him lamb-da (λ)
I am the lion so like cats, all they do is just meow (μ)
Old things passed away; all things have become new (ν)
We are now sons of God; talking both he and the she (ξ)
I remain a loyal Royal as I put on my crown (ο)
My manner to God's manna is beyond eating of pie (π)
Held high by God's column, I've been successful in a row (ρ)
Grace gives the signal not to accept stigma for sigma (σ, ς)
Death shut, I'm a hot shot; in short sin gone with headshot; taow (τ)
The Spirit is my seal; Satan tried but oops; seal on (υ)
Some real tyres could retire but I refire with real fire (φ)
Sometimes I'm almost goofing, then grace shouts out so loud, "Kai" (χ)
Brings me back on track to Yaweh's way; my one true sire (ψ)
For, he's not just the Alphabet, He is the Omega (ω)

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  1. 'God is my number one so I call him alpha'indeed.
    I love mix of the Greek alphabet. Keep up the good work.