RAGS TO BRAGS: campaigns; grace does the rigging, even makes satan vote you

A testifier tasting fire; drunk in the holy ghost
Testimony is tasting money; riches with no leaches
Grass to weed was the story, but now it's grace to glory
Rags to brags, sags to swags, scars to stars, zeros to heroes

Unpaid debt gained more interest till Love's depth caught my interest
As I tire for my attire; no God's breath like a flat tire;
Till God turned me his real tyre, so now I can't retire,
There where things God had to bring down; if not I for don give up
Calculated like an 'alufa', how far the Alpha was
Though I don't do star wars, I thought 'twas where the star wars
Calculated the length and it took my breath away
The distance looked mega but was just a breath away
The sun shines from afar but God's son is ever near
The distance always looks  open but the Lord is ever close
Baba don open the door but some people still dey dull
God's love is the bunch of kiss that gives me edge over life's luck
The stance of eternity; divinity infinity
Learnt this stance from the sum, of God's breath minus lent
Life's length; God's breath; I'm talking length times breath
Where the area of Mercy divides this mere sea that's red
Holy ghost joy resides in me to preside over life
Rather than there, God is here; dare him with prayers and he'll hear
God campaigns; grace does the rigging, even makes satan vote you
For with God Impossible will pause to say I'm possible

*Alufa : Yoruba version of Islamic priest

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