THE TIME OF PAUSE CALLED NIGHT - still got pulse; I'm just resting

Let's say punctuation has a trophy called apostrophe
Catarrh has a trophy called the catastrophe
The pulse of hope got trophy called the a paused trophy
The bottle's fate, the liquid's faith; drink it rather than 'trophy'

Taking thorns in turns from tons of torn circumstances
In short shot shut into a hot hut called the hurt of halt
Makes you think Alpha is so mega distance away
But calculating the length, he's just a breath away

Got a friend in Jesus, talk to him in prayer
Sometimes we're sick of what we seek 'cos we forget to ask
Tough times don't last but tough teams do
Team up with the Holy Spirit that resides inside of you
The world calls it darkness, but I call it night
While the world sees no solvent, I rest on solution
The world may slip in fear but I sleep and rest on faith
Night is meant for rest; peaceful rest, my divine fate
A paused trophy between (I) and (M)iracle
Shows a trophy exists, call for it and wait for it
Impossible denies it's existence by saying (I'm) possible
Even when the miracle seems to say I'm pause-able
Holy Ghost fire flaked, my glory isn't faked
Holy Ghost life scripted, my story is divine
Darkness is void of light but the Spirit is my light
So I know not darkness, only a time of rest called night

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